Silver Moon Spelling Rules® Instructor Card Set Only (Set 2)


24 full color spelling rule cards for additional instructors or for display
Size = 8.5 x 6


Teach spelling rules explicitly and sequentially with these creative flash cards.  This set includes 24 rule cards that are larger than the student set to accommodate small group instruction or for classroom display. Card concepts include 15 sticky units of sound, 7 reasons for silent E and 8 silent E sticky units.
These cards were created to build in difficulty and support memory through the use of mnemonics, visual imagery and hidden picture clues.  On the front side of each card, silent E spelling rules have a unique image and catchy rule name. On the back side, you’ll find the description of the given silent E spelling rule. All 15 sticky units of sound are presented on, “Doodle-a-Rule” cards.  These cards do not contain images.  Instead, students are directed to choose a keyword for the specified unit of sound and doodle their own image.
Rule names, images, and hidden picture clues were strategically created to support memory and ensure active student engagement.  All cards are printed in full color on heavy stock.  These cards are are not grade leveled. There are endless possibilities for their use in the classroom, private practice, or home school. Silver Moon Spelling Rules is the perfect companion to Orton Gillingham based instruction.
*Cards do not come attached to a metal binder ring and are not laminated.