Silver Moon Spelling Rules® Kit (Set 2)


Silver Moon Spelling Rules is a supplemental spelling program that takes the guesswork out of spelling. Explicit instruction in spelling rules allows students to stop memorizing and start understanding. This program is not grade leveled and should be used after parts 1 and 2 of Silver Moon Spelling Rules, Set 1 have been mastered. This is an Orton Gillingham influenced program.

Set 2 directly teaches 15 sticky units of sound, 7 reasons for silent E and 8 silent E sticky units. Spelling rules are accompanied by direct-instruction, multi-sensory lesson plans and spelling rule cards. The manual includes 14 lessons.
Lessons include:
*Doodle-a-Rule” cards
*Logical (yet creative and fun) names to pair with American English spelling rules
*Full color pictures with hidden clues
*Teacher Talk (the manual tells you what to say!)
*Direct Modeling of new skills
*Guided Instruction with real words and nonsense words
*Reproducible student pages
*Pre and Posttests
*Additional support materials online

Order 5 sets of student cards and save.


This program was made to use with struggling spellers who may have learning disabilities such as dyslexia or dysgraphia. Included in this manual are pre and posttests, independent practice pages, a certificate of completion and additional resources that can be accessed through complimentary electronic downloads.

This is a bundled product. You will receive 3 items – the instructor’s manual, one pack of the instructor’s spelling rule cards and one pack of the student’s spelling rule cards. The instructor cards are much larger than the student cards for ease of use during lessons. They can also be used for display in the classroom. The instructor’s set is full color and measures 6 x 8.5 inches. The student set is also full color and measures 3.5 x 5.5.

*Cards are printed on heavy stock, but do not come laminated or attached to a metal binder ring