Silver Moon Introduction

Silver Moon Spelling Rules ™

“Bring spelling to life with charming characters, witty images, and logical rules.”

Most people don’t realize that only 4% of English words are truly irregular.  This means that only 4% of our language has to be learned through whole word methods such as memorizing. Building understanding through teaching spelling rules takes away the need to rely on memorization. Instead, students understand how to spell.

This is NOT your typical spelling program!

Silver Moon Spelling Rules …

  • Teaches understanding of basic American English spelling rules
  • Keeps students actively engaged in learning
  • Shifts the emphasis away from memorizing weekly word lists for spelling tests
  • Is a great way to differentiate spelling instruction
  • Is multi-sensory, systematic, and explicit
  • Creates more confident and successful spellers and readers
  • Makes sense
  • Was created with the struggling speller/reader in mind
  • Is perfect for small groups or one-on-one instruction
  • Includes learning objectives, review, and independent practice pages for every lesson.

What is Silver Moon Spelling Rules?

Silver Moon Spelling Rules is a research based spelling program that brings spelling rules to life through charming characters, witty images, and logical rules. Set one teaches 20 American English spelling rules and 1 bonus reading rule. Each rule is accompanied by a direct-instruction, multi-sensory spelling lesson and corresponding spelling rule card.

Silver Moon Spelling Rules facilitates mastery of American English spelling rules.  This program gives students the knowledge necessary to improve their spelling skills.  This, in turn, benefits reading and writing ability, promotes independence, self-confidence and builds understanding.   

What do I need to use this program?

To use this program, the instructor needs the Silver Moon Instructional Manual, one large set of spelling rule cards for the instructor and one small set of spelling rule cards for each student. Each student needs their own set of Silver Moon student cards because they will collect them all and use them as a reference tool. The instructor’s  rule cards are larger than the student cards and easier to display to a small group. Extra sets can be purchased and used to display in the classroom. Below are two of the spelling rule cards in set 1.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 5.28.51 PM Spelling Rule Card – Front Side. Rule 17, Set 1
Spelling Rule Card – Back Side. Rule 17, Set 1
silver moon card zebra Spelling Rule Card – Front Side. Rule 2, Set 1



21 Collectible  Student Cards

Measure Progress on Pre & Post Tests

Earn Certificate of Completion

Find Hidden Picture Clues

Research Based

Model – Lead -Test Approach

Real & Nonsense Words


Mastery Based Learning


Explicit Teaching

Easy To Use

Scripted Lessons

Sequential & Cumulative

Tips & Tricks

Free Electronic Support Guides

Practice Pages

Includes 6 Assessments

How are students reinforced?

Students will earn Silver Moon Spelling rule cards after they have proven mastery of the given rule. When all of the lessons have been taught and mastered, students will have earned 21 rule cards. Students will keep these cards and use them for reference during other Silver Moon lessons and when they proofread written assignments for spelling accuracy.

How is this program different?

Instead of memorizing a weekly word list using common methods such as writing words multiple times, spelling words with magnetic letters, or looking for confusing patterns within words; Silver Moon Spelling Rules directly teaches American English spelling rules in a fun, logical, and memorable way. The lessons in the manual are explicit and multisensory.  This keeps students actively engaged in meaningful learning. Directly teaching spelling rules takes the guess-work out of spelling and avoids unnecessary frustration and embarrassment for poor spellers.

Who is this for?

Anyone can use this supplemental program and experience more success with spelling – even good spellers and adults! That being said, Silver Moon Spelling Rules were specifically created for classroom teachers, specialists, and families who have children that struggle to spell despite hard work and having caring adults who work with them.

If a child persistently struggles with spelling, and they don’t demonstrating understanding of spelling rules, then it is time to try this new strategy. Set one is appropriate to use with most students beginning in first grade and can be used through adulthood. This program was intended for use during one-on-one intervention or small groups. Every student has different processing and developmental abilities. It’s important to take individual needs into consideration when planning for student use.

Why does Silver Moon Spelling Rules work?

The student cards are designed to resemble direct instruction flashcards. Flashcards provide a research based, systematic, and effective means of teaching that can increase student knowledge in many different subjects. This type of systematic instruction has been proven in research to be effective for teaching all types of students, with or without disabilities, in a wide range of skills.

The sequence of lessons in this manual follow a “Model, Lead, Test” approach. When flash cards are used with an explicit approach, student learning will improve. Students are rewarded, after showing mastery of each rule, by earning the corresponding student rule card. Students get more excited and motivated with each card they earn.

Memorizing is turning something into a picture or turning something abstract into something more memorable. When spelling rules are paired with visual images and catchy rule names, it creates a memory trigger, or something for students to attach their learning to. Any time you can link items together in this manner, connections between neurons strengthen and help move information from short-term memory to long-term memory where it can be recalled for later use.

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