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Executive Functioning Success *Now Available*

Executive functions are the set of mental skills that help us complete daily tasks. Many students and adults with executive functioning deficits have difficulty with time management, planning, organization, focusing their attention, staying on task and completing tasks. This may appear to be due to laziness or lack of motivation, but most often is due to a lack of skills. In this training, participants will learn what executive functions are, why they are important, and how to improve executive functioning skills through the use of visual strategies. This training offers a more in depth look at specific visual strategies to build independence, improve accountability, reduce frustration, and increase daily success.

Intense/Systematic Spelling Instruction for Special Education

Systematic Spelling Grad. Course

Silver Moon Spelling Rules *Great for struggling spellers*

Learn how to present the Silver Moon Spelling Rules Program one-on-one or to small groups.  This program is explicit, multi-sensory, cumulative, and scaffolded.  This professional development course gives essential background regarding struggling spellers and includes an overview of all 21 lessons which include learning objectives, direct skill modeling, guided practice, and independent practice. Attendees will be taught how to use the pre and post tests which will measure student learning.  Your students will not have to memorize words for a weekly spelling test anymore.  They will apply mastered spelling rules on unmemorized and unrehearsed words and experience success in spelling.

Barton Reading and Spelling System

Kelly is certified in the Barton Reading and Spelling System. She has experience training and coaching special education teachers and instructional assistants in using the Barton System. This professional development course will be individualized to address your specific training needs as it relates to using the Barton System.

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