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Systematic & Multi-sensory Spelling Instruction: Using Silver Moon Spelling Rules

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This course teaches participants HOW to spell as opposed to memorizing WHAT to spell.  All too often, spelling programs are disjointed, confusing for students and don't answer the all important question, "why".  Why do we spell the way we do?  Silver Moon answers "why" while bringing spelling to life using creative, charming characters and logical rules, creating a memorable and meaningful learning experience.

If you have questions at any time during this training don't hesitate to contact READ Learning Educational Services, LLC directly.  We value your participation in this class and are happy to help along the way.

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Dorothy Morrison, Ph.D.

Retired director of university reading clinic
WI Middle School Interventionist
“I LOVE Silver Moon Spelling. I have used it with my intervention students in both elementary and middle school to help them understand the spelling patterns of the English language. Unlike other spelling programs, this one has engaging pictures, catchy mnemonics, and structured practice with each spelling pattern. My students loved doing this work. An added bonus was that as their spelling improved, so did their automatic word identification. I highly recommend Silver Moon for private tutors, parents, K-3 classroom teachers, and elementary and middle school interventionists.”
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