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7 Types of Phonemic Awareness Skills

There are 7 types of phonemic awareness skills. These may sound like simple skills, but for a dyslexic reader these skills are difficult and are usually not learned unless they are directly taught.  By the way, phoneme means sound.

7 Essential Phonemic Awareness Skills

  1. Phoneme Segmentation: Tell me the sounds you hear in the word

           mop? What's the middle sound in the word cub?

  1. Phoneme Deletion: If you take the /t/ off the word table, what’s left?
  1. Phoneme Matching: Listen: do the words snake and sun start with

the same sounds?

  1. Phoneme Counting: How many sounds are in the word tough?
  1. Phoneme Substitution: Change the /s/ in sad to /r/. What is the

new word?

  1. Blending: What word do the sounds /h/ /u/ /g/ make when blended?
  1. Rhyme: Start with the word cat and tell me three words that rhyme

with cat.



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