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Offering one-on-one dyslexia therapy interventions using Orton Gillingham/Structured Literacy based methods. Our interventions include services in reading, spelling, handwriting, written expression, and executive functioning skills (time management/organization). We offer in person services at our office as well as online/remote instruction to eliminate commute time for families.


Dyslexia testing offers the answers you are looking for. Improve student learning and close achievement gaps through identifying and meeting needs. Learn about accommodations and important questions to ask school.


Contact us for information on professional development for schools, school districts, or other education based service providers. Popular topics include: The Science of Reading, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Orton Gillingham Based Instructional Strategies, Executive Functioning Skills, Systematic & Explicit Spelling Instruction and more.

Why READ Learning?

Orton Gillingham Programming

Orton Gillingham is also known as Structured Literacy or “the science of reading. It teaches reading and spelling using evidence from scientific research as opposed to teaching a whole word philosophy of reading instruction. Orton Gillingham instruction is the best type of instruction for those who struggle with reading. Our high quality lessons are multisensory, cumulative, systematic, explicit and taught to mastery. This combination results in learning and improved student confidence.

Specialists Not Tutors

Hiring us to work with you or your child is NOT the same as hiring a tutor. READ Learning does not employ tutors. Our team of specialists are licensed teachers who are also trained in Orton Gillingham or Structured Literacy programming. We provide intense one-on-one reading/spelling interventions to students who struggle with reading and/or spelling. A tutor can be hired to catch a student up on homework after being sick, going on vacation, or when students need a little extra practice on grade level skills. Private teaching is quite different from tutoring because it is highly specialized and used when students are struggling due to an underlying learning difference.

Caring Experts

Our caring practitioners develop a positive rapport and safe environment for students to take learning risks that allow them to learn. Private services include daily progress monitoring and consistent benchmarking to ensure growth. All of our practitioners are licensed, trained, and passionate about helping students succeed when other instructional methods have not worked.

Simultaneously Multi-Sensory

Material is learned and retained more efficiently using visual, auditory and tactile/kinesthetic learning modes. Our one-on-one instruction takes advantage of this by using techniques that are simultaneously multi-sensory.

Educational Coaching

With our services you also receive coaching to help you navigate supports in the school system. Our area of expertise is dyslexia, 504 Plans, Accommodation Plans, Response to Intervention, Special Education and helping families work with school services. We have a flexible teaching approach when it comes to working with schools - relationship is very important!

Remote/Online Lessons Available

We offer online lessons. This saves time and money as you or your child learns in the comfort of their own environment without a lengthy commute.

Track Record of Success

We have a proven track record for success. Improved reading skills translate to improvements in many academic areas, but we specifically target reading fluency, reading accuracy, ability to sound out unknown words, spelling, and building a deeper understanding of our language. View some of our parent testimonials here.
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"My husband and I were hitting constant road-blocks in trying to find out how to help our son; he was struggling a lot in school, but we weren’t finding many answers. When asked our opinion in Intervention Team meetings, we didn’t know what to advocate for. Kelly’s detailed assessment gave us understanding. We feel much more confident in our ability as parents to help our son move forward.
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