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EF Skills Workshop

"Tell Your Brain Who's Boss!"

Executive Functioning Workshop for Learning and Life
Academic challenges often have nothing to do with intellect. Lacking an internal sense of time, struggling to stay organized, missing deadlines, chronically late, unable to meet goals, unmotivated for school work, difficulty following directions, not taking ownership for learning, avoidance behaviors - these are characteristics a student might show if they have executive functioning difficulties.

Who is this for?

• Students ages 10 and up
• Students who are bright and want to do well, but need some tools and information so they can take ownership of their learning and show their intelligence
• Students interested in learning about metacognition and the connection between the brain and learning
• Learners who benefit from visual support for time management, planning projects, filling out planners, and processing directions


READ Learning Center, Suite P
5601 Grande Market Dr., Appleton

Weekly topics

Week 1: Self-Assessment, Executive Functions and the Brain, Neuroplasticity

Week 2: Metacognition is Your Secret Weapon! & 10 More Executive Functions

Week 3: Attributes of Successful Learners, The Brain/Learning Connection, Tools to Support Time Management

Week 4: Visual Strategies to See Your Time - Day, Week & Month

Week 5: Multitasking is a Myth & Seeing Your Assignments

Week 6: Planning long term projects & Using a Planner

Week 7: Organization Basics, Forming Positive Habits & Goals

Week 8: Brain Basics on Nutrition, Sleep & Exercise, Your Tools, Reflective Activity


• Camp Cranium meets 1x weekly for 8 weeks and is a small group format.
• Each workshop is 40-45 minutes in length.
• Payment for class includes a materials fee (course workbook and other necessary materials).
• Due to limited space, parents can’t sit in on classes but will be given a summary page and any follow up activities after each class.
• Registration, dates, and pricing information can be found HERE!
*In case of an absence, activity pages/and summary sheets can be provided.
*Full or partial refunds are not provided unless you cancel at least 48 hours in advance of the first scheduled class.

Luke L.

READ Parent
"We have found the team at READ Learning to be professional, knowledgable, and caring. They often go the extra mile to provide resources and answer questions. Their online education for students is one on one and absolutely excellent, which makes READ an option even for those who don't live close to Appleton. We tried different interventions for our daughter with dyslexia before finding READ Learning with very little positive results. She was at a major road block in spelling, reading, and writing. After using READ Learning, we've seen steady progress and are so delighted that our daughter even enjoys her READ sessions. She is excited to see her own progress and is much more confident and motivated in all her school work. We're thankful for the READ Learning team and love telling anyone about them that might benefit from their services."
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