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Kelly provided an outstanding presentation for our staff in-service this fall. She is a highly skilled presenter who kept a room full of teachers fully engaged. Kelly is extremely competent in her subject matter and delivers the material in such a way that those in attendance have several take-aways, ready for use in the classroom the very next day.
Kris A.
As a teacher, it’s wonderful to be able to work individually with kids at the pace each one needs. At READ, we work to mastery of skills and individualize activities for our students. I don’t have to stress about leaving someone behind because others are moving on or losing them because they’re ready to move ahead while others stick with a particular skill. This is the great advantage of working with individual students. I love our students and look forward to seeing them every week!
Laura K.
We have found the team at READ Learning to be professional, knowledgable, and caring. They often go the extra mile to provide resources and answer questions. Their online education for students is one on one and absolutely excellent which makes READ an option even for those who don't live close to Appleton. We had tried different interventions for our daughter with dyslexia before finding READ Learning with very little positive results. She was at a major road block in spelling, reading, and writing. After using READ Learning, we've seen steady progress and are so delighted that our daughter even enjoys her READ sessions. She is excited to see her own progress and is much more confident and motivated in all her school work. We're thankful for the READ Learning team and love telling anyone about them that might benefit from their services.
Luke L.
Today is dyslexia awareness day. My 13-year-old was diagnosed last November. Since then, she is getting the special training she needs to work WITH her brain. This is not done in school. This is additional work she does twice a week (three times a week in the summer). Since starting this journey, we have watched our daughter go from a struggling student with poor grades to a student who works with her training to THRIVE. She will always have to work harder than most, but she is no longer just spinning her wheels. Her confidence is soaring. Her teachers are seeing that she is actually very intelligent — smarter than many actually — instead of just a “low student.” So thankful for READ Learning Services for changing her life.
Jennifer M.
My daughter has been with READ for over 6 months and her reading and confidence has improved dramatically! Her I-Ready score has gone up 45 points already. Her reading couch is sweet and makes their time together not only beneficial but fun. I would recommend READ to anyone who has been struggling with reading. It has blessed my daughters life. We are so grateful.
Erin B.
Mrs. Lach is by far one of the best teachers we have ever met! With her guidance, my daughter has developed her confidence and has become a very happy, capable child. Thank you for being such an important part in my child’s development. Your patience and commitment to supporting my daughter has meant the world to me. Thank you for going above and beyond.

Teachers require so many positive qualities like care, compassion, patience and commitment. You have all these qualities in abundance. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Nykki B.
READ Learning has been a great addition to our son's learning. He has been going through intervention for the past year and a half and we have seen great improvement! We can't thank READ Learning enough for all of their hard work and dedication to helping our son!
Cory K.
I've known Kelly professionally and personally for quite some time. My daughter is a bright child, who I could see becoming emotionally frustrated and embarrassed by her spelling and written language. I knew whole language instruction had not fully addressed her needs as a reader and she really needed more explicit, succinct instruction. Through regular sessions with Kelly I saw my daughter's confidence grow. As we would leave learning sessions, she would contemplate letter and word patterns in the car ride home, and really wanted to understand sound groupings. It became like a puzzle to her and instead of feeling inferior or less, she felt like she had a plan of methods to help her attack words she was unfamiliar with and spell words she was unsure of in her daily work. Our heartfelt thanks Kelly, we're so happy we reached out to you. You not only gave our daughter a game plan, you did it in a tender, fun way which helped her be reminded of what an amazing kid she is. How fantastic is that?
Nancy V.
Parent & School Psychologist
Kelly worked with my daughter using the Barton Reading & Spelling System. My daughter has been a reluctant reader and was very hesitant to receive any extra help. Kelly has an extremely calm and motherly demeanor and won over my daughter in no time. Not only was she able to boost her reading skills, Kelly was able to give my daughter the confidence she was lacking. Kelly was the best gift we have ever given our daughter!
Michelle B.
We could not be more happy with READ. We have seen so much growth from our daughter since she started working with Laura--not just with her reading skills but also with her attitude toward reading. READ is professional, caring, and driven to help kids be successful. I would recommend them to any family.
Kelly G.
Kelly recently did a presentation for our medical assistants chapter and it was phenomenal! We all learned so much about dyslexia! She opened our eyes to so much we weren’t aware of. We were provided tools to assist in helping our patients who suspect/need treatment for this as well! We LOVED her and will definitely have her back for more presentations!!
Keely K.
Google Review
My son is just loving his sessions with Kelly! He is making so much progress and he always has a huge smile on his face when he comes out. What I love most is hearing him help his younger brother with his reading and explaining the spelling rules to him so confidently! We couldn't be happier with his progress.
Grainne B.
When I brought my six year old son to READ Learning Educational Services, he was struggling to keep up in Kindergarten. He dreaded going to school every day because it was "too hard" and he had frequent meltdowns at home. He had recently been diagnosed with dyslexia.

Within a month of working with READ I began to notice that full days were going by without meltdowns. As my son learned his letters and sounds and began to read, he gained confidence in himself and his abilities. He no longer dreads going to school and he is content. He is learning rapidly with READ, unlike what he was able to do in traditional classroom settings. The experience of being taught in a way that makes sense to him seems to have shown him that he is capable, and I believe this knowledge has the potential to change the direction of his entire educational career.
Gerry B.
Our 7 year old daughter has dysgraphia (a disorder of handwriting). I was struggling trying to figure out how to best help her. As soon as I met Mrs. Steinke, I knew we had found our answer. She is the whole package - she has not only the outstanding skill set and knowledge base that we needed, but also the kind, caring, positive personality that we were hoping for. In just a few short months, my daughter's handwriting has already tremendously improved with Mrs. Steinke's tutoring. Perhaps even more importantly , Mrs. Steinke has improved my daughter's confidence in herself and her ability to write. I will always be grateful to have had Mrs. Steinke's help, as it has truly been a blessing to us. I highly recommend her without reservation. We are so lucky to have her in the Fox River Valley.
Kari S.
Thanks to READ Learning, our son now has the tools he needs to read and spell with confidence. The caring teachers at READ Learning have had such a positive impact! He wouldn’t be where he’s at without them. Thanks READ Learning!!
Bucky L.
Our school team reached out to Kelly to get some more information about how to better serve the needs of our students with dysgraphia. She was marvelously generous in sharing some of her time and expertise in an informal setting just to help us get started understanding some basics. We're excited to try some of her ideas and to learn more in the future!
Dory W.
I use Kelly's system: The Silver Moon Spelling Rules. The illustrations are fun and the kids love them. The lesson plans are well laid out and are the perfect length so the teacher doesn't need special training to teach it. It is an excellent program and I would highly recommend it to benefit all levels of spelling!
Jim B.
Google Review
READ Learning has made a significant difference in our 11 year old son. He now has the confidence, tools to read and, once again, enjoys school. At the age of 9, we were told by his 3rd Grade teacher towards the end of the school year that she was not able to teach him anymore. We were told he was a boy and he was a challenge. Having a review by certified professionals, he was diagnosed with a learning disability and he was substantially behind. As being proactive parents, our hearts dropped. We were referred to READ Learning and READ Learning put us back on track. They were the hope we needed. We thank the team at READ Learning for taking us on as a family and making a world of difference. Yes, my son has dyslexia and we now know how to treat it.
Pamela V.
Kelly is an insightful, dynamic, and passionate speaker as well as educational professional. Her Silver Moon program utilizes an explicit, cumulative, and multi-sensory approach that is beneficial for everyone, regardless of age.
Sherry N.
Google Review
"READ Learning Services was the answer we were looking for! With Kelly’s professionalism, compassion, and teaching methods, our daughter made huge gains in her fluency, spelling, and comprehension. We were so thrilled with her success and boost in self-esteem, that we enrolled our son as well. I highly recommend READ Learning Services and Kelly’s expertise to others.”
Jodi A.
Special Education Coordinator and Parent
“Mrs. Steinke has provided tutoring for my son with a reading disability. Mrs. Steinke has in depth knowledge and experience in specific training methods including Orton Gillingham methods that my son would not be able to access through the public school system in which he is enrolled. Mrs. Steinke continues to further her education in order to provide the most up-to-date and evidence based teaching methods. I have found Mrs. Steinke to be a strong advocate for those with reading disabilities. She exhibits a sincere desire and effort to help each student achieve his or her individualized goals.

After having observed many tutoring sessions with my son, Kelly’s natural ability to teach is clearly evident. She brings enthusiasm and energy to teaching in order to engage her students. Mrs. Steinke is always well prepared for lessons and has clearly established expectations for her students. My son participates in tracking his own progress through informal reading fluency tests and observes his progress on a student friendly graph. My son is highly motivated by technology, and Mrs. Steinke has been able to incorporate use of an iPad into her lessons and uses voice recordings to rehearse reading fluency. I have been extremely pleased with my son’s level of participation and progress in both reading accuracy and fluency since starting with Mrs. Steinke.”
Anne H.
“Mrs. Steinke’s teaching style, management approach, and blend of personal qualities (honest, caring, gentle, intelligent, flexible) contribute to a positive learning environment. Students are aware of her expectations…Mrs. Steinke is an advocate for student achievement. She goes above and beyond to help students experience success and build the foundation to achieve and believe in themselves.”
Mary R.
“I am a parent of three children, all of whom I home-school. My youngest son is dyslexic and has difficulty with attention and focusing. We are so happy to have our son working with Kelly Steinke, Founder of READ Learning Educational Services. Our son has shown improved self-esteem and confidence because of his success in his weekly reading lessons. He is showing an interest in reading at home and has started reading on his own. Before starting reading with Kelly, our son wasn’t interested in becoming a better reader and avoided reading in general. We’ve seen a marked difference in his reading ability and attitude! Kelly established a great rapport and routine with our son. This has made lessons enjoyable for him. He knows what his expectations are and is motivated to work hard. I would highly recommend Kelly Steinke if you are considering hiring a private reading instructor.”
Kimberly B.
Home School Parent
“As an adult with dyslexia, I know what it’s like to grow up struggling to read, write and spell in school. When I was in school, no one knew I had dyslexia, much less knew what dyslexia was – I was called dumb. I have two daughters, both have dyslexia. They never had to go through what I went through as a kid because they had help. They learned to read through using research based reading programs. My daughters are now in their early 20’s and finishing college. I never did get help for myself and to this day won’t write and struggle to read. I’m so glad my daughters received tutoring.”
Randy B.
Adult with Dyslexia
“The 2009-2010 school year, our daughter was in Mrs. Steinke’s class for reading and writing support. This was our daughter’s first year with her. She has been receiving extra support in reading and writing for three years now. This year she has made marked progress under the tutelage of Mrs. Steinke. She met and exceeded many of her IEP goals this year.”
Abbi G.
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