Consultation Services

READ Learning consultative services are designed to meet the needs of each individual family. Kelly Steinke, founder of READ Learning is an expert in dyslexia and learning disabilities and is well versed in special education policy and procedure, response to intervention, 504 Plans/IEPs, and has many years experience working collaboratively with families whose children have learning differences. The students we work with learn differently and need to be taught in a way that makes sense to them. Many of our students are dyslexic, some have gifted areas, some are diagnosed with ADHD or other learning differences, while others have no diagnosis at all.

Educational Consult

Educational consults will answer your questions and determine if our services are the right fit for your child. These appointments include a discussion about your child’s learning needs and goals. There is an assessment portion where the child will be given 5-6 brief assessments to determine stengths and weaknesses in reading, spelling, phonemic awareness, basic auditory discrimination/memory and sometimes vocabulary and alphabetic knowledge. Results and professional recommendations are provided immediately. An educational consult is scheduled for 90 minutes in length and is $160.

Diagnostic Consults

Diagnostic consults are necessary to schedule if you are considering dyslexia testing with our diagnostician. The goal of this appointment is to determine if your child is at risk for dyslexia and whether or not they would be a good candidate for our dyslexia testing services. These appointments include everything listed in the educational consult as well as a family/child history interview and a review of work samples and/or previous testing from school districts or other specialists. Diagnostic consults are 90 minute appointments and are $210.

Laura K.

READ Parent
“Our daughter was several grade levels behind in her reading level. But, after working with Mrs. Steinke, using an Orton-Gillingham approach, she made dramatic strides. She is currently reading and writing at grade level. I firmly believe that it was Mrs. Steinke’s guidance, educational philosophy and individual attention that helped my daughter to excel.”


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