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Dyslexia Testing

Resource: 10 Tips for Dyslexia Testing in WI

Diagnostic Services

READ Learning offers dyslexia diagnosis. Our diagnostician has a PhD in educational psychology, is an expert in the field, and has many years of experience testing for dyslexia. Our testing process begins with a diagnostic consult. After your consult is complete, testing can be scheduled. Note: We do not test for conditions outside of dyslexia.

What Do I Need to Know about Dyslexia Testing?

Currently, the majority of Wisconsin public school districts are not trained to identify, remediate or diagnose dyslexia. In addition, medical practitioners (pediatricians and general practitioners) do not test for dyslexia, nor do they diagnose dyslexia.

Who Can Test for Dyslexia?

Dyslexia diagnosticians (with training), cognitive psychologists, neuropsychologists, educational psychologists, or a trained speech therapists

Should I Get a Dyslexia Diagnosis?

This is a personal decision, and one that will depend upon your family’s unique situation and goals. Here are some of the benefits of having a dyslexia diagnosis.

● A dyslexia diagnosis gives clarity to something that is often confusing. It answers why learning has been a struggle.
● A dyslexia diagnosis is often the first step to improving a child's self-esteem. This is because the child learns that they are capable, but that they need to be taught differently. Using our process, your child will also learn about their strengths.
● A dyslexia diagnosis includes a comprehensive results report which contains recommendations for the best type of reading intervention as well as accommodations for homework and schoolwork. This should be shared with the school and is instrumental in getting everyone on the same page.
● A dyslexia diagnosis can help qualify your child for a 504 Service Plan. 504 Plans can help throughout elementary, secondary and post-secondary education. (* Diagnostic services do not guarantee a 504 Plan).

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Michelle G.

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“My son has worked with Kelly for two summers in reading. The confidence and growth in my son has been wonderful to see. His test scores improved after working with Kelly, compared to little to no improvement with the traditional intervention he received during the school year. Kelly’s approach is also to make it enjoyable for her students. My son gladly went to his sessions with Kelly and would talk about all the games they played together. It truly was a positive experience working with Kelly.”
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