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Reading and Spelling

Reading & Spelling Interventions

We offer private teaching services for 5 year olds through adult. Our private services include individualized Orton-Gillingham (also known as Structured Literacy) based reading and spelling interventions, consistent progress monitoring, and benchmarking to ensure growth. We offer two different formats – online/remote lessons and in person lessons at our office. Online lessons are one-on-one with one of our teachers, but are held online to eliminate commute time. Use the parent survey below to determine if online lessons are a fit for your child.

What is Private Instruction?

Hiring us to work with you or your child is NOT the same as hiring a tutor. READ Learning does not employ tutors. Our team of specialists are licensed teachers who are also trained in Orton Gillingham or Structured Literacy programming. We provide intense one-on-one reading/spelling interventions to students who struggle with reading and/or spelling. A tutor can be hired to catch a student up on homework after being sick, going on vacation, or when students need a little extra practice on grade level skills. Private teaching is quite different from tutoring because it is highly specialized and used when students are struggling due to an underlying learning difference.

Why do our reading and spelling interventions work?

READ is able to achieve long-term academic growth with clients because we are committed to using research based programming with fidelity in a quiet, distraction free setting. We don’t believe in a “one size, fits all” approach. Services always begin with an educational consultation. At this consult, the needs of each student is assessed and carefully considered before registering for lessons. We offer several different types of programming options – all steeped in Orton Gillingham methods. What is the best fit for one student may differ for another student.

We also understand that relationship and developing a positive rapport with students is an essential part of the learning process. For this reason, we make the learning process fun and engaging. Learning games are often used to reinforce skills that are taught in daily lessons. Our lessons are scaffolded so students feel confident applying new strategies. They are also research based, multi-sensory, cumulative, systematic, and explicit.

Private Instruction Includes:

● Direct 1:1 instruction 2 – 4 times per week

● Customized lessons and pacing to help students progress as quickly as possible while giving them enough repetition that skills are retained

● Multi-sensory instruction that is taught to mastery

● Partnership with parents so you can support your child’s learning at home

● Coaching and resources on accommodations and support at school

● Regular progress monitoring and benchmarking

What Happens In A Session:

● Each session is 50 minutes long.

● One of our first goals is developing relationship and positive rapport. This is essential to success.

● Students progress through a scaffolded sequence of reading and spelling concepts, moving from simple to more complex.

● All work is completed in an explicit, simultaneously multi-sensory fashion. Students sees, hear, speak, and use tactile or kinesthetic learning modes at the same time. This is necessary because it engages more areas of the brain at once. This strengthens learning and memory because neurons that fire together, wire together.

● Our students make excellent progress and experience increased self-confidence. This results in reduced work-place or school anxiety which reduces behavioral problems stemming from academic frustration.

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Abbi G.

READ Parent
"This was our daughter’s first year with her. She has been receiving extra support in reading and writing for three years now. This year she has made marked progress under the tutelage of Mrs. Steinke. She met and exceeded many of her IEP goals this year.”
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