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Take the "Dyslexia Myth or Fact" Quiz

Being aware of the myths surrounding dyslexia will help you avoid common mistakes (pitfalls) that parents and professionals make when working with children who struggle to read and spell.


Merriam Webster Dictionary defines a myth as, “An idea or story that is believed by many people but that is not true.” There are surprisingly many myths floating around about dyslexia. Take the true and false quiz below to see how savvy your knowledge is about dyslexia.

True or False "Dyslexia Myth or Fact" Quiz

  1. T/F      Dyslexia is not real.
  1. T/F      Dyslexia is when people see words and numbers backwards.
  1. T/F      A developmental reading disability is different from dyslexia.
  1. T/F      Kids can’t be tested for dyslexia until they are at least 8 years old.
  1. T/F      More boys are dyslexia than girls.
  1. T/F      Very few people are affected by dyslexia.
  1. T/F      People with dyslexia can’t read.
  1. T/F      Some people outgrow dyslexia.
  1. T/F     4 and 5 year olds that show reversals in numbers or letters, are

probably dyslexic.

  1. T/F    People with dyslexia (poor reading ability) have lower intelligence (IQ).

The answers and explanations will be given in my next several bog posts.  Revisit my blog to see how you scored!

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