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Speaking Engagements


Presentations are typically 60-90 minutes in length. Pick from the following topics or call Kelly to ask about customized presentations to meet your audience’s needs.

Dyslexia 101

Dyslexia 101 presents up-to-date information and research about dyslexia. This session covers common myths about dyslexia, signs and symptoms of dyslexia, current brain research, instructional methods that work, testing for dyslexia, and dyslexic strengths. This session is for you if suspect that someone you care about has dyslexia or if you simply want to learn more about dyslexia.

Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) and 504 Plans

Attend this session to learn answers to common questions about IEP’s and 504 Plans. What’s the difference between IEP’s and 504 Plans? How does my child qualify for an IEP or 504 Plan? What kind of accommodations or modifications are provided? Can I request specific programming when my child is in special education? How long will my child receive support, and how do I know if they are making enough progress? There will be time at the end of this session for questions and answers.

Overview of Executive Functioning

Executive functions are the set of mental skills that help us complete daily tasks. Many students and adults with executive functioning deficits have difficulty with time management, planning, organization, focusing their attention, staying on task and completing tasks. This may appear to be due to laziness or lack of motivation, but most often is due to a lack of skills. In this session, participants will learn what executive functions are, why they are important, and how to improve executive functioning skills through the use of visual strategies. This presentation is an overview of the Executive Functioning professional development course that is described below, in the “Professional Development” section.

Teaching Struggling Readers & Spellers

Do you work with students that struggle to sound out unknown words? Do you have students whose spelling skills are very poor? Do you have students that constantly forget how to spell sight words? Attend this session to learn how to help struggling readers and spellers ages 5 – adult. When working with students who struggle to read and spell, there are methodologies that work and methodologies that don’t work. This session will cover the importance of foundational reading skills such as phonemic awareness. We’ll touch on the importance of basic auditory discrimination skills and how to teach reading and spelling using multi-sensory and explicit methods so students can remember and apply what they have learned.

Dyslexia Simulation Workshop

In this workshop, small groups are lead through five stations that simulate what it is like to have dyslexia. There are two reading stations, two writing stations, and one processing station. The goal of this workshop is to help adults and children gain empathy and understanding for the challenges that individuals who have learning disabilities experience.

Introduction to Silver Moon Spelling Rules

The Silver Moon Spelling Rules™ Program facilitates mastery of American English spelling rules. This program gives students the understanding necessary to improve their spelling skills. This, in turn, benefits reading and writing ability, promotes independence and self-confidence. Learn how to teach spelling rules with this easy to use, research based, and motivating program. Your students will not have to memorize words for a weekly spelling test anymore. They will apply mastered spelling rules on unmemorized and unrehearsed words and experience success in spelling.

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"This was our daughter’s first year with her. She has been receiving extra support in reading and writing for three years now. This year she has made marked progress under the tutelage of Mrs. Steinke. She met and exceeded many of her IEP goals this year.”
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