My husband and I were hitting constant road-blocks in trying to find out how to help our son; he was struggling a lot in school, but we weren’t finding many answers. When asked our opinion in Intervention Team meetings, we didn’t know what to advocate for. Kelly’s detailed assessment gave us understanding. We feel much more confident in our ability as parents to help our son move forward.

-Jenny and Jon G., Parents

“READ Learning Services was the answer we were looking for! With Kelly’s professionalism, compassion, and teaching methods, our daughter made huge gains in her fluency, spelling, and comprehension. We were so thrilled with her success and boost in self-esteem, that we enrolled our son as well. I highly recommend READ Learning Services and Kelly’s expertise to others.”

-Jodi A., Special Education Coordinator and Parent

“Mrs. Steinke has provided tutoring for my son with a reading disability. Mrs. Steinke has in depth knowledge and experience in specific training methods including Orton Gillingham methods that my son would not be able to access through the public school system in which he is enrolled. Mrs. Steinke continues to further her education in order to provide the most up-to-date and evidence based teaching methods. I have found Mrs. Steinke to be a strong advocate for those with reading disabilities. She exhibits a sincere desire and effort to help each student achieve his or her individualized goals.

After having observed many tutoring sessions with my son, Kelly’s natural ability to teach is clearly evident. She brings enthusiasm and energy to teaching in order to engage her students. Mrs. Steinke is always well prepared for lessons and has clearly established expectations for her students. My son participates in tracking his own progress through informal reading fluency tests and observes his progress on a student friendly graph. My son is highly motivated by technology, and Mrs. Steinke has been able to incorporate use of an iPad into her lessons and uses voice recordings to rehearse reading fluency. I have been extremely pleased with my son’s level of participation and progress in both reading accuracy and fluency since starting with Mrs. Steinke.”
-Anne H., Parent

“Mrs. Steinke’s teaching style, management approach, and blend of personal qualities (honest, caring, gentle, intelligent, flexible) contribute to a positive learning environment. Students are aware of her expectations…Mrs. Steinke is an advocate for student achievement. She goes above and beyond to help students experience success and build the foundation to achieve and believe in themselves.”
-Mary R., Principal

“I am a parent of three children, all of whom I home-school. My youngest son is dyslexic and has difficulty with attention and focusing. We are so happy to have our son working with Kelly Steinke, Founder of READ Learning Educational Services. Our son has shown improved self-esteem and confidence because of his success in his weekly reading lessons. He is showing an interest in reading at home and has started reading on his own. Before starting reading with Kelly, our son wasn’t interested in becoming a better reader and avoided reading in general. We’ve seen a marked difference in his reading ability and attitude! Kelly established a great rapport and routine with our son. This has made lessons enjoyable for him. He knows what his expectations are and is motivated to work hard. I would highly recommend Kelly Steinke if you are considering hiring a private reading instructor.”
-Kimberly B., Home-School Parent

“My son has worked with Kelly for two summers in reading. The confidence and growth in my son has been wonderful to see. His test scores improved after working with Kelly, compared to little to no improvement with the traditional intervention he received during the school year. Kelly’s approach is also to make it enjoyable for her students. My son gladly went to his sessions with Kelly and would talk about all the games they played together. It truly was a positive experience working with Kelly.”
-Michelle G., Parent

“As an adult with dyslexia, I know what it’s like to grow up struggling to read, write and spell in school. When I was in school, no one knew I had dyslexia, much less knew what dyslexia was – I was called dumb. I have two daughters, both have dyslexia. They never had to go through what I went through as a kid because they had help. They learned to read through using research based reading programs. My daughters are now in their early 20’s and finishing college. I never did get help for myself and to this day won’t write and struggle to read. I’m so glad my daughters received tutoring.”
-Randy B., Adult with dyslexia

“The 2009-2010 school year, our daughter was in Mrs. Steinke’s class for reading and writing support. This was our daughter’s first year with her. She has been receiving extra support in reading and writing for three years now. This year she has made marked progress under the tutelage of Mrs. Steinke. She met and exceeded many of her IEP goals this year.”
-Abbi G., Parent

“Our daughter was several grade levels behind in her reading level. But, after working with Mrs. Steinke, using an Orton-Gillingham approach, she made dramatic strides. She is currently reading and writing at grade level. I firmly believe that it was Mrs. Steinke’s guidance, educational philosophy and individual attention that helped my daughter to excel.”
-Laura K., Parent

“Mrs. Steinke is truly a blessing to me. I feel she really has a passion for teaching and helping children. My child looked forward to working with Mrs. Steinke. She always talked about the games they played. I will always be thankful to Mrs. Steinke for the work she did with my child. My child now reads without frustration and has gained self-confidence that she did not have prior to going through this program with Mrs. Steinke. I would highly recommend R.E.A.D Learning Services to anyone who has someone who is struggling with reading.”
-Kari B., Parent

“My husband and I have been very impressed with the services offered at READ Learning. Kelly and my son have a great rapport together. They work hard together yet continue to have fun too!”
-Gail S., Parent

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