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Accommodations - Setting & Time

When thinking about ways to help children with learning don't forget to think about WHERE they are learning and TIME MANAGEMENT.  See the ideas below for helpful tips!


  1. Provide a consistent location to work with no distractions on the workspace.
  2. Minimize noise distractions (background TV, conversations, etc.)
  3. Fidgets can enhance focus – choose a fidget that can be used to help the student focus (exercise band on chair legs, stress ball, tangle toy, koosh ball or anything that is not a distraction but a focusing fidget).


  1. Allow extra time or set time limits for projects.
  2. Define time by using a visual timer.
  3. Use an alarm.
  4. Create an AM schedule and a PM schedule that students can look at and check off.
  5. Create daily goals together.
  6. Allow for longer processing time (think time).
  7. Give brain breaks or movement breaks.
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