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Accommodations - Reading and Presenting

Here are a few ideas to make learning more accessible and less frustrating.  Check next week's post for ideas to accommodate writing.  You can also email for a complete accommodations guide that you can download.

Reading & Presenting

  1. Provide audio versions of textbooks and chapter books through Learning Ally, Audible, Play-Away or other format.
  2. Have high-low books available for independent reading.
  3. Use computer, iPad, or other technology so papers and web information can be read out-loud to the student.
  4. Allow student to pre-rehearse oral reading before giving a presentation or doing reader’s theatre.
  5. Use a voice recorder to work on fluency.
  6. Use a voice recorder to pre-record a speech to play to the audience.
  7. Provide cover sheets or EZ readers to track text while reading.
  8. Give hands on options (diorama, model, movie, etc) for presenting.
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