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Auditory Processing Disorder - Symptoms


Persons with APD will likely show some of the following symptoms.  Remember a person with APD has normal hearing.  They will pass a hearing test; yet, will have problems with certain aspects of how hearing is processed.

  • Don’t hear subtle differences between sounds in words.
  • Find it difficult to tell what direction sounds are coming from.
  • Have trouble blocking out background noise when they are in a noisy setting.
  • Find it hard to follow conversations.
  • Easily distracted due to difficulty processing oral information.
  • Ask for things to be repeated frequently.
  • Difficulty with reading and spelling because of trouble processing and interpreting sounds.
  • Mispronouncing similar sounding words (three/free, celery/salary, bog/bag, chop/shop)
  • Processes information slowly and has trouble comprehending rapid speech.
  • Figurative language may be tricky.
  • Difficulty following conversations.
  • Following spoken directions is difficult – especially multi-step directions.
  • Hyper-sensitive hearing.
  • Articulation problems when speaking.
  • Musical ability can be poor.
  • Avoiding social conversations (telling stories and jokes) because it’s hard to process spoken words and construct appropriate responses in a timely manner.
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