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Why Kids Can’t Read

When I started my journey in the field of learning disabilities and dyslexia, I was reading the book, Why Kids Can’t Read and came across this statement.

“I am sad to think that so many struggling readers have been classified as learning disabled instead of being given the most effective instruction. Most of these children don’t have a learning disability. They have an instructional problem.” Why Kids Can’t Read by P. Blaunstein and R. Lyon

At the time I was a special education teacher for students with learning disabilities. This statement brought tears to my eyes because I had seen this firsthand. For my first few years as a teacher, I used whatever programming was given to me in whatever school district I was teaching at. I truly didn’t know how to teach struggling readers, (outside of traditional methods teachers learn in college) and no one taught me.

My goal for every one of my special education students was to close the gap between their ability and achievement. My heart went out to kids who never seemed to get it and never made it to grade level. After years of watching my students not make enough progress in reading, I sought out answers and found what I was looking for. Here I am, over 15 years later, serving those affected by dyslexia and learning disabilities. My mission is … Giving hope and transforming lives through teaching, training, and providing supports for those affected by dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or are in need of supports for learning disabilities.

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